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Personnel System/ Welfare Benefits

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Osstem’s Ideal Employee

  • Vision Sharing A person who pursues the development of the company and
    the individual together
  • Value Creation
    Challenge Spirit
    A person who constantly challenges the established order to create new value
  • Basic Principle A person who is faithful to the basics, and who abides by principles.

Personnel System and Education System

Evaluation System
Evaluation is carried out to reward the employee’s achievement of goals, and is also used as an opportunity to motivate and foster human talents.
  • - Achievements and competency evaluation: two times a year (semi-annual)
  • - Achievement Evaluation (KPI/MBO methods): the results of goal achievement are reflected in compensation.
  • - Capacity Evaluation (common/job group/rank): the results of capacity evaluation are used to develop education and training, and to set up career development plans.
Reward System
Annual Salary System for all employees and executives
  • - Compensation according to the performance management results
  • - Sales job group: Salary + individual performance-based bonus (paid according to the individual’s monthly sales performance)
  • - Research/General/Manufacturing Job Groups: salary + corporate performance bonus (paid according to the semi-annual corporate business performance)
A Variety of Awards – to boost employees’ motivation and loyalty
  • - Pro-festival (twice a year): awards for excellent sales person/team
  • - Best Employee Award/ Long-Term Service Award/ Best Proposal Department and Employee Award
  • - Human Talent Recommendation Award: When recruiting human talents through in-house recommendation, the award will be given to the one who has recommended the successful candidate.
Education System
Various kinds of training courses are provided to contribute to the self-development and organizational performance improvement of employees and executives.
  • - Leadership Training: competency development training for managers and newly promoted employees
  • - Job Training: job competency improvement training by job group
    (sales, production, research, general administration)
  • - Global Education: language training of employees and executives, education support for overseas subsidiaries
  • - Organization Activation Education: department-specific workshop, challenge workshop for employees and executives
The aim is to establish an educational infrastructure that can overcome temporal and spatial limitations, create a desirable learning culture, and provide an opportunity for individuals and the organization to grow and develop together.
  • - Online Learning System (e-campus): offers various video contents in relation to job, management, anguage, OA, etc.
  • - Online Conference Education System: offers real-time on-line education (at nationwide branch offices, and at 12 overseas subsidiaries)

Statutory Employee Benefits

Statutory Employee
  • - Working hours: 40 hours per week
  • - 4 major insurances (Health Insurance / National Pension/ Employment Insurance / Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance)
  • - Annual leave and retirement pension payment
Non-statutory Emplyee Benefits
Educational Expenditure Support
  • - Provision of contents through in-house online learning site (e-campus)
  • - Support for outside job training expenses
Gift for Traditional Holidays
  • - Gifts for Seollal (Lunar New Year) and Chuseok (Thanksgiving)
Workshop / Athletic Day
  • - Support for departmental workshops and various informal events
Support for Congratulations and Condolences.
  • - Leave and expenditure support for congratulations and condolences
  • - Wreaths for congratulations and condolences, as well as funeral supplies
Vehicle Maintenance Assistance
  • - Different amounts of assistance will be given according to employees’ jobs and positions.
Renumeration for Remote Worksites
  • - When employees are transferred to other regions than the ones they originate from, renumeration for remote worksites will be given based on the related criteria.