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R&D Achievements and Technologies

The Osstem Implant Research Institute is continuously reporting its research achievements to the dentistry world, and has published numerous thesises on the clinical, biological, experimental, and epidemiological studies of dental implants. In particular, based on the results of various clinical studies, we have published papers on the high clinical success rates, excellent surface cleanliness, high role reliability, and surface treatment effect with quick osseointegration of Osstem Implant’s products.

Osstem has surface treatment technologies, such as RBM and CellNest, for the osseointegration of implants, stress dispersion design technologies to prevent bone loss, and manufacturing and cleaning technologies for biostability.

In addition, we have the design and manufacturing technology of various kinds of abutments to produce aesthetic and convenient prosthesis, and also of prosthetic systems, such as impression coping for precise and convenient impression preparation, as well as various manufacturing technologies that include drills with excellent cutting power and surface treatment, and heat treatment technologies to minimize corrosion.

Status of Patent Application

Domestic and overseas application: 482 cases, Domestic and overseas registration: 273 cases

Current Status of Research Thesis

Osstem Implant: 318 articles Clinical Study Results: 149 articles
Biological Research Results: 105 articles
Biomechanical study results: 64 articles