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Excellence of Osstem Implant

The Osstem Implant Research Center has been designated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as an Advanced Technology Center.
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  • Excellent Material
  • Scientific Design
  • Surface technology
  • Quality verification
  • Clinical Validation
  • Quality Certification

Excellent Material

Osstem Implant is supplied with materials from a specialist medical titanium company, and carries out its own quality inspection, before putting them into production.

Scientific Design

Osstem Implant has formed the Clinical Advisory Board for the development of designs suitable for various clinical cases, and has established a laboratory environment similar to the actual usage environment and evaluation procedures.

Preliminary simulation is carried out through clinical consulting to find out an adequate design, which is followed by a complementary verification procedure as part of the evaluation process.

Quality verification

Osstem Implant secured superior product validation technologies by developing and advancing various self-assessment methods, as well as the standard testing methods of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Clinical Validation

Osstem Implant has proven the safety of its products through clinical thesis addressing various clinical cases.

Clinical results are published every year through OSSTEM meetings, and OSSTEM IMPLANT DOCUMENTATION and OSSTEM IMPLANT CLINICAL CASES are published every two years.

Quality Certification

Our products, which are developed based on excellent technology, have obtained the U.S. FDA’s approval, the EU quality certification CE, and the International Standardization Organization’s quality management system certification (ISO9001) in recognition of high quality, and are currently exported to more than 70 countries.

This product is a medical device, please read the precautions and instructions carefully.