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Medical Equipment Institute

The Osstem Implant Medical Equipment Laboratory has been developing to produce the world’s top-class dental medical equipment.

The Osstem Implant Research Center aims to become the best company in the world in the research fields of the design and surface of implants and bio-osseointegration technology and of digital conversion technology development, based on its accumulated experience and infrastructure, in order to become reborn as a research institute that is highly respected at home and abroad.

Since its establishment in July, 2012, the Osstem Implant Medical Equipment Institute has been developing to produce various kinds of medical equipment used in the dental care field.

We have developed 2D and 3D image equipment based on the institute’s excellent professional manpower and technology, and are devoted to the development of technology that can provide more precise diagnostic information. In addition, the unit chair K3, an indispensable medical device at dental clinics, has been developed as a proprietary model. Since its release, it has continued to secure the number one spot in the domestic market, and its overseas sales volume is gradually increasing.

We will do our best to create new values and develop core technologies that will serve as the foundation for Osstem Implant to become a top-class enterprise.

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