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Bone Science Institute

The bone regeneration research at the Bone Science Institute is aimed at creating value as the world’s number one company to promote human health.

The Osstem Implant Bone Research Institute was established in August 2008 to carry out bone regeneration research for the promotion of human health. Osstem Implant is developing world-class bone regeneration products for creating the world’s No. 1 value.

In order to create the best value for customers, the Bone Science Research Institute is researching and developing bone regeneration products with superior procedural tolerance based on its core technology. In addition, we are creating products that lead the world market, by creating core value of bone regeneration through our network of excellent researchers and experts.

All researchers at the Bone Science Institute are developing the world’s top class technologies and products that will enable the quick and safe regeneration of damaged bones through our continuous R&D achievements.

The Bone Science Research Institute has been making the following R&D efforts to create the best value for customers.