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AIC Training Session

Support the improvement of medical care level
through the provision of dental total solution

Contribution to the advancement of implant clinical knowledge and treatment of the global dental world

Since the establishment in 2000, AIC has been operated by OSSTEM Implant as a world-class implant clinical education institute. It provides in-depth systematic implant training sessions to dentists, thereby significantly contributing to the establishment and popularization of implant surgeries. Through extensive research, accumulated know-how, the best lecturers, and systematic training programs, the AIC will support dentists around the world to obtain implant clinical knowledge and to perform flawless implant surgeries.

Professional and systematic implant clinical training system

The AIC is the perfect education facility, and is equipped with specialized seminar rooms and various training materials. It operates professional implant education programs on a permanent basis covering theories and practice, ranging from basic concepts to various kinds of hands-on practice, implant surgery, and prosthesis mounting on actual patients.

Superiority of AIC Education Programs

The AIC provides an opportunity to have the world’s best education in every corner of the world through its global network.
At AIC education centers in major countries around the world, our professional lecturers with prestige in their respective countries will provide training and support implant surgeries.

Various kinds of hands-on practice with the best training aids and equipment
The AIC is equipped with the best training aids and practice equipment, including cutting edge training aids developed by the AIC, practice-purposed implants, surgical motors & kits, piezosurgery, lasers, articulators, etc. Trainees can experience various kinds of hands-on practice, including tracing, stent, dentiform, pig jaw, suture, and prosthesis, with the dedicated teaching of our professional instructors, and the assistance of our professional staff.