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Dental IT Business

‘Doobunae,’ an integrated S/W for dental clinics, proven by 11,000 users
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This insurance reimbursement claim program, which has been developed to help dental clinics execute dentistry work in a convenient and reliable way, supports convenient work processing and efficient management from insurance reimbursement claims to image data management and patient management, because it is mounted with the DTA engine that can be optimized for each different environment.

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Features and Advantages
  • Easy to Use - Convenient chart input
    - Quick patient inquiry
    - Efficient work processing, thanks to the
      configuration of the in-house network

  • Benefits to both Dental Clinics and Patients - Education service for clinic’s insurance claims
      which prevents loss of insurance   charge
    - Increased marketing effect for patients   through the provision of CRM function
    - Easy explanation of treatment makes the
       patients easily agree on their   treatment plans.

  • Thorough Follow-up Management - Continuous software update
    - Quick reflection of various institutional   changes
    - Operating customer service staff and exclusive
      call center

  • Efficient Clinic Operation - Utilizing image data through integration of digital equipment
    - Various storage systems and aggregate reports
  • Increasing Revenues and Reducing Costs - Increase in patients’ consent to treatment and increase in
       treatment incomes (using intraoral camera and X-ray)
    - Reducing expenses by the improving efficiency of desk work
  • Improving Treatment Convenience - Network management for treatment rooms and X-ray rooms
    - Convenient data management from integration to 3rd party   X-ray programs
    - Making treatment rooms-oriented digital treatment   environment
  • Easy Patient Management - Utilization of image data through integration to digital   equipment
    - Patient search available with various conditions
    - Customer satisfaction marketing through SMS and e-mail   sending systems
    - Reducing management costs and strengthening regular
      customer management (Connecting SMS & e-mail sending
       system with patients’ reservations, replies, birthday, etc.)
‘Hanaro Ok,’ the best integrated solution for dental clinics
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This is an integrated solution for dental clinics to carry out business through overall management in a convenient and effective way. As it is mounted with powerful processing capability for distributed processing and collaboration through differentiated platforms, the program can support the overall execution and integrated management of the electronic medical record system (ERM), clinic information management (HIS), customer relation management (CRM), and medical image analysis (MDS), in order to improve the communication and work efficiency of employees at dental clinics.

EMR, HIS,CRM, MDS, 종합 업무지원시스템
  • Save time and reduce costs through computerization of the various kinds of information possible at a dental clinic (including human resources, medical examination, management, and inventory)
  • Enhance users’ convenience by replacing the existing paper charts
  • Support efficient patient management, and improve the image of hospitals (clinics) through automated patient management
  • Improve convenience and satisfaction by solving the overall management needs of the hospital (clinic) with a single program
‘V-ceph’ Cephalometric Analysis Software
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Improve convenience and satisfaction by solving the overall management needs of the hospital (clinic) with a single program

V-ceph 특장점
  • Powerful Data (Image) Management
  • Ability to Write Unique
    Analysis Methods
  • Convenient Patient
    Consultation Function
  • Convenient Image
    Correction Function